Arijit Bhowmik (engshimul)

thanks a lot for your interest about Arijit Bhowmik. I'm an ordinary by born Bangladeshi, live in Dhaka city with my sweet family. I love my country Bangladesh, Bangladeshi people, my native culture, local foods and so on.

In Upwork (formally oDesk) I started my freelance career couple of years ago as cheap web and graphic designer. My loving clients helped me a lot to survive in the absolutely high competitive global market. Moreover till now I'm continuing with my TOP RATED profile till now by their cordial support.

I like to TRUST people. I believe in the God and Nature of the Universe. I feel emotional for street childes, I dream to do something to make at least one of them happy for a full day. I hate war caused by religious or any unusual conflict. It burns me inside very badly when someone neglect someone for being an female.

Listening music I enjoy most. Specially instrumentals are my maximum favourites. In order Sufi/Folk, symphonic Rock, melodic Death Metal attracts me.

Arijit Bhowmik's Skill set

  • CSS/CSS3
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript

My bad sides: Sudden anger, long sleep, introversion.

Kind Regards,
Arijit +8801717097007